Sprinter Van: Heater Install – Part 2

Follow along as we continue our detailed summary of the process of installing a diesel powered Espar D2 / Airtronic D2 heating unit in a Sprinter Van.

Step 4 – Hole Saw Drilling

So now that your pilot holes are drilled, it’s time to start drilling your larger holes for your fresh air intake hose, your exhaust, and your hot air routing. So break out the hole saw, and let’s start with the big holes. I chose bits as close to the exact diameter as the hoses as possible for minimal leakage and caulking later.

Step 5 – Mount your Heater

Some user shave opted to cut out more of their floor and flush mount the heater. While there’s nothing wrong with that approach, I opted to build a small platform or box out of leftovers plywood I had sitting around. I screwed that box to the steel floor of the seat base, and I lined it with aluminum foil to minimize any risk of heat build up.

Step 6 – Route Your Hoses

With your holes drilled and your mounting height determined it’s time to secure your hoses to the unit using the cable clamps. Then route your hoses thru the holes you drilled in the previous steps. to ensure all fits as you intended. It’s wise to take your time here, and be patient as there’s a lot going on here. An extra set of hands would be helpful here too.

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