Sprinter Van: Fixing the Door Gap Issue (Rear Doors)

If you own a Sprinter Van there’s a good chance you’ve identified an issue with the rear door fitment. It’s an issue often described as a door gap, where the two doors fail to sit flush, and creating an issue that leads to wind noise, whistling, and sometimes water leakage. The good news is that this is an easy issue to resolve. We’ll walk you thru the simple steps of resolving this issue.

The Door Gap Issue

Determining if Your Sprinter has This Issue

We’ll be working at the rear doors with the doors in the open position. Look up at the brackets that the door latches into, and if one or both seem slightly askew then your Sprinter has this issue.

Fixing the Issue

This is an easy problem to fix following these simple steps:

  • Grab the Torx T45 driver of your choice
  • Loosen both bolts holding the askew bracket in place
  • Line it up correctly by eye
  • Tighten both bolts back down
  • Test fit the doors

Adjust Sprinter Door Bracket as Needed

The described fix should resolve the issue. If you continue to have whistling or can see daylight thru the gap, adjust the bracket again until you have the right fit.

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