Sprinter Wheels: Upgrade

A wheel upgrade on a vehicle can have a big impact to its look, its stance, its performance on- and off-road, and its stability on the road. As a general rule, stock wheels are decent but never great, and so I tend top upgrade wheels and tires as one of my first priority. My theory is that the tires on a vehicle are our primary contact with the driving surface, and given I live in a place with 4 distinct seasons and that I like to drive on gravel, dirt, sand, snow, ice, etc. I waste no time in finding the best tire for the vehicle.

Sprinter Van OEM Tires

The Sprinter van official tire suggestions are displayed on a sticker on the inside of the drivers door frame.

These are the official recommendations:

  • Front Tires: LT245/75R16
  • Rear Tires: LT245/75R16

What these sizes mean:

  • LT = Light Truck
  • 245 = Width of the tire in MM
  • 75 = Height of the tire sidewall in MM
  • 16 = Diameter of the tire in Inches

Our Sprinter Tires

We opted for a heavy duty tire – the BF Goodrich All-Terrain TA KO in the LT265/70R17 size. This will give us the traction we need for true 4-season exploring, and the stability and confidence of using a proven tire with an excellent reputation to carry our precious cargo.

Our Sprinter Wheels

For the wheels we opted for a set of four black wheels – the Method Standard in the 17×7.5 size with a 50mm offset. These are solid wheels that will take some abuse, are powder coated flat black which I love, and are a good value at about $200 to $250 each.

The Result

Overall we’re very pleased with the setup. We love the look, there’s no noticeable difference in road noise, and the tires have enabled us to tackle snow, ice, gravel, and dirt with greater confidence and stability. We highly recommend this upgrade.

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