Like many, our quest to continually improve our Sprinter is endless. We noticed lately our floor was wearing on the edges of the high traffic areas – the side door, and the rare doors. It’s not surprising since we go i and out those doors a lot, and with traffic comes wear.

The only option seemed to be the traditional bare metal you’d see in home transitions. We bought some at the local home improvement store and began cutting and shaping it to fit the space. What we ended up with was a little sharp in spots which is scary, and a pretty rough looking trim.

Luckily, we ran across this trim from Esplori that installs at the front, rear, and sliding door threshold. Made with aluminum, powder coated for durability, and finished with stainless steel hardware this trim completes our Sprinter floor.

We called Esplori and talked thru what another reader shared about their trim, and asked if they sell it to us. They were cool, and easy to talk to, and agreed to send a Sprinter Floor Trim Kit out to use right away. In 3 days it was on our front porch and we started the install. And man, are we pleased.

Check the trim out here:

Sprinter Floor Trim Kit
Sprinter Floor Trim Kit

Now that looks pro, no sharp edges for kids (or parents) to get scratched on, and powder coated for durability. We are really impressed with the quality of the product, and the customer service from the guys at Esplori.

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