We just like to connect to the main propane supply for grilling and for a fire pit instead of dealing

with the green propane bottles. And the original propane auxiliary adapter was a P.O.S.


Install a high volume quick release propane fitting, build up a propane line with a ball valve, and

build a regulated propane fire pit.


  1. Quick release propane fitting
  2. Propane extension line
  3. Ball valve
  4. Low pressure propane regulator from an old grill
  5. Some pipe fittings
  6. Gas jets for Chinese cookers (eBay)
  7. An old flower pot and some rocks


  1. Build it all per the pictures below…
  2. Drill holes in the bottom of the flowerpot for the jets to poke through. You can use a masonry
  3. bit.
  4. Be careful because here we are accessing the propane on the HIGH PRESSURE side of the
  5. regulator. A small leak can vent a large amount of propane – read FIRE RISK.


Friends roasting marshmallows on the propane “BBQ” during fire restrictions at Beachside State Park. In

this photo, the fire is turned down to about 20% of maximum. When it’s on 100%, it is an inferno.