NVC3 Sprinter

What is a Sprinter NCV3?

Sprinter NCV3 production began in 2006, and continues today. The Sprinter NCV3’s are the second model of Sprinter Vans available in the United States. They boast a number of cosmetic upgrades, power upgrades, and additional options for wheelbase, roof height, and drive (4WD) that were not available in the previous Sprinter Vans (T1N).


You’ll often see this van described as – NCV3 Sprinter (2006 – Present).

NCV3 Wheelbases and Lengths

There were 3 wheelbases available in the NCV3:

  • 144″ (232″ in overall length)
  • 170″ (273″ in overall length)
  • 170″ Extended (289″ in overall length)

NCV3 Roof Heights

There are three roof heights available for the Sprinter NCV3:

  • Standard Roof (96″ exterior height, 67″ interior height)
  • High Roof (108″ exterior height, 78″ interior height)
  • Super High Roof (108″ exterior height, 87″ interior height)

NCV3 Weight Classes

The NCV3 is available in two weight classes:

  • 2500 (GVWR of 8,550 lbs, Towing Capacity of 5,000 lbs)
  • 3500 (GVWR of 11,030 lbs,Towing Capacity of 7,500 lbs)

NCV3 Drive Options

With winters in Canada and the United States proving to be snow-filled in the colder months, the NCV3 Sprinter van has evolved to offer a 4×4 (4 wheel drive) model capable of handling those conditions. The 4×4 Sprinter Vans were first offered for sale to the US market in 2015, and they launched with boom boasting long waiting lists of prospective buyers.

Visit our Sprinter Van Dimensions post for the specifications and dimensions for the various models of Sprinters, including the 4×4 model.

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