Sprinter T1N

What is a T1N?

Sprinter T1N production began in 1994, and completed in 2006 when the next generation (the NCV3 which we’ll discuss in a separate thread) of Sprinter was introduced. Sprinter T1N’s were the first model of Sprinter Vans available in the United States, being delivered to North American customers beginning in 2001.

You’ll often see this van listed as – T1N Sprinter (1994 to 2006).

T1N Wheelbases and Lengths

There were 3 wheelbases available in the T1N:

  • 118″ (197″ in overall length)
  • 140″ (225″ in overall length)
  • 158″ (263″ in overall length)

T1N Roof Heights

There were two roof heights available for the T1N:

  • Standard Roof (93″ exterior height, 67″ interior height)
  • High Roof (104″ exterior height, 74″ interior height)

T1N Weight Classes

The T1N was available in two weight classes:

  • 2500 (GVWR of 8,550 lbs, Towing Capacity of 5,000 lbs)
  • 3500 (GVWR of 9,990 lbs,Towing Capacity of 5,000 lbs)
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