T1N Sprinter Van Dimensions (1994 – 2006)

T1N Sprinter Length, Height, Width, Capacity

Here we’ll discuss the many Sprinter Van T1N (1994 – 2006 production year) models, with different wheelbases (118″, 140″, 158″), different roof heights (Standard, High), and weight classes (2500 or 2500) it can be difficult to keep track of the dimensions of the various Sprinter models. We make it easy with our easy Sprinter dimension chart showing:

  • Exterior Length
  • Exterior Height
  • Exterior Width
  • Interior Height
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Payload
  • Towing Capacity
  • GVWR (the max operating weight of a vehicle)

T1N Sprinter Dimensions Chart

Wheel base 2500/ 3500 Drive Roof Ext. Length Ext. Height Ext. Width Cargo Area Pay load Towing Cap.
118” 2500 2WD Standard 197” 93” 76” 247 cu.ft. 3,681 lbs 5,000 lbs
118” 2500 2WD High 197” 102” 76” 286 cu.ft. 3,626 lbs 5,000 lbs
140” 2500 2WD Standard 225” 95” 76” 321 cu.ft. 3,221 lbs 5,000 lbs
140" 2500 2WD High 225” 104” 76” 367 cu.ft. 3,154 lbs 5,000 lbs
158" 2500 2WD High 263” 104” 76” 473 cu.ft. 2,846 lbs 5,000 lbs

We hope this handy Sprinter T1N dimension chart simplifies your next project or question in some way. If you’d like to compare the T1N dimensions to the NCV3 (2006 – Present) dimensions, check out our NCV3 Sprinter Van Dimensions post.

Always consult the manufacturers guidelines before starting a project to account for year to year anomalies, and other variances. After all, things change, and so it’s always wise to err on the side of caution and verify everything twice before starting a project.

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