Sprinter Van Conversion

We’ve been contemplating a Sprinter Van for years, and this year we took the plunge and bought our sprinter van with the intent of using it as a daily driver locally, and to build it out such that it could be easily used for week-end camping and road trips. We’ll share the work we’ve done in great detail with photos, videos, parts lists, and any other details we believe others would be benefit from.

2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van

Our starting point is a 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van (2500), 170″ wheelbase, with 13K miles a second row of seating, and a few sounds system and wheels upgrades.

Sprinter Upgrades we Plan to Make

We have a variety of sprinter van upgrades slated for the coming weeks and months, including:

  • Addition of a diesel powered heater (Espar/Airtronic)
  • Addition of a passenger side windows that opens
  • Addition of fold-up bunks or shelves
  • Addition of an upper bunk
  • Addition of a fan powered exhaust fan/vent
  • And much more
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